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bedroom design for girl

bedroom design for girl

Designing a bedroom is really easy. Each room has its own characteristics depending on the occupants. Parental rooms are different from children's rooms. Likewise girls 'rooms and boys' rooms. The description this time will discuss the details of the design of children's rooms specifically for girls.

How to design a girls room?

Girls' rooms are more for women.


Is a point before designing. Royal princess themes, favorite cartoons, dominant dolls or dominant flowers are chosen by girls.


Important colors determine whether or not 'life' is in the room. Choose cheerful colors like pink, yellow, sea blue orange or combine to look alive.


Customize furniture with the theme of the room. To make it easier to buy a package of 1 set consisting of a bed, cupboard, study table/dressing, and drawers. Just need to add a little extra to reinforce the theme.

Decoration / Makeup

Aim to reinforce the theme. For example, by adding wallpaper walls or special stickers in the closet. This method is fairly practical and profitable because it can be replaced when you are bored.

Girls generally have a more calm and obedient nature they will tend to follow your wishes. Even so, invite your little daughter to discuss the things above and arrange the room to make it more fun.

Girls generally have a more calm and obedient nature they will tend to follow your wishes. Even so, invite your little daughter to discuss the things above and arrange the room to make it more fun.

Minimalist girls bedroom

Broad limitations are not obstacles to getting a comfortable and elegant room design. This is only a matter of tricks to make a wider illusion, space saving and furniture to store items creatively. The key is in room arrangement, coloring, lighting, selection of furniture and accessories. In an instant, the minimalist room will be different.


Rooms with limited land should not use many colors. This only makes it look more narrow and dense. Use neutral colors like white, pastel, light blue and cream on the walls of the room. Not only soothing, but these colors also proved to have a wide effect on a room.


Choose one theme, for example, Hello Kitty. Soft pink color combined with white is still suitable for minimalist rooms.

Give a touch of style to the carpet, bed cover, or curtain to turn it on. If it's still lacking, add a wallpaper or wall makeup.


It is important to take into account the size of furniture such as cabinets, study tables/makeup, and beds for minimalist rooms. Do not let the size of the bed take up almost part of the room. Choose a single bed. There is no need to buy a bed with many ornaments that are difficult to clean, shift or move. Close the bed to the wall to save space.

The advantage of a single bed is that the design is timeless so that it can still be used even though the child is growing up.


Good lighting helps make the room look spacious. Even though it looks attractive, avoid using light lights like in discos that will only make the room look narrow. Remove the dark parts of the room with enough light from inside and outside. Besides healthy sunlight, it also helps kill germs and bacteria in the room.


Place a large size mirror, for example, the size of 50x75 cm on the bedroom wall. Mirrors are often used in the interior to make the illusion of the room appear larger.

Sliding door

Use a sliding door instead of an ordinary door. This door model creates a broad impression because when opening or closing the door does not take place.

Color Selection

Choosing the right color will affect the appearance of the room. Neutral colors are very suitable to be applied in all types of rooms including bedrooms, including white, beige, light blue, pastel, soft pink, and soft peach. Choose colors according to the theme and personality of the child, if necessary, invite your child to discuss to understand his wishes.

Boys are generally more active and cheerful as color choices must be selective. Here are some of the most frequently used paint color combinations of boys' bedrooms reported from a wall paint site.

Blue and white

Blue is almost a color choice for all boys' rooms. In terms of effects, blue is considered to be able to make residents feel cool, relaxed, and able to create the impression of wisdom. Dark blue gradations have characters that can arouse the imagination, create feelings of calm and increase sensitivity, and encourage enthusiasm. While the light blue color (pale blue) gives the impression of being light, calm, and serene.

Apply this color predominantly on the walls of the bedroom then combine it with white. Besides representing masculinity, blue itself is synonymous with freedom and imaginative impression so it is suitable for both boys and men.

As one of the categories of earth tone colors, blue also creates shade and coolness. When combined creates a natural atmosphere and builds a positive mood. The application of this color combination to the walls of children's rooms makes a minimalist room look relieved.

Red shades

According to the meaning of the color that is a brave, tough, and strong character, red is also suitable in a boy's bedroom. We indirectly create an atmosphere that nurtures the mentality of children from an early age to become winners, brave and tough.

The red color matches combined with moss green, bright yellow, white or blue. What needs to be considered is the composition of the color so that it doesn't look too flashy. The composition of colors that are too extreme or vice versa can damage and affect the mood of occupants of the room, therefore discuss with experts.

Shades of green/lemon green

The application of lemon green shades to the room can create a fresh atmosphere. Suitable when applied to the walls of the room plus certain character drawings or makeup according to the child's favorite theme.

Other colors that are also suitable to be applied in a boy's room are orange, yellow, white and cream.

Like one of the colors with bright tones, orange can make a child's bedroom look attractive and full of fun. Orange is also able to give a warm touch and increase children's creativity.

When applying orange, you should combine it with white because the two colors look contrasting but offset each other. Use orange on walls or furniture and room furniture.

The orange color will be more prominent when applied only to one part of the wall, while the other part uses white. Repeat the combination of the two colors in the bed area. For example, choose a white bed with a pull on the storage drawer at the bottom and the head of the bed patterned with vertical stripes in white orange. To make it look more vibrant, you can combine it with yellow sheets and pillows with a cartoon.

Furniture and bed design

Align the bed and room furniture with the theme. As previously reviewed, girls usually like royal princess themes, favorite cartoon characters, dolls or flowers. Returning to the Hello Kitty theme, there is no need to design exactly one hundred percent. Simply present the nuances through the colors of the walls, stickers or wall wallpapers that are easily removed/replaced. Or by giving a pattern to the curtains or bed covers.

To facilitate the application as a whole, choose a room set according to the theme of pink and white. Room set consists of 1 bed, 1 cupboard and 1 dressing table or ordinary table plus wall coloring.

Choose a multifunctional single bed/bed. The bed has a sliding drawer underneath, it can be used as storage for extra mattresses or other items. Adding a few drawers under the bed also proved effective as a means of storing children's toys, dolls or spare pillows. The drawer size is adjusted to the size of the bed.

The advantage of a single bed is its function that is timeless so that it can still be used even though the child has grown up.

Likewise, a closet that functions as a storage for clothing and other items must be in harmony with the theme of the room. Use a standard rectangle-sized rectangular cabinet by adding modifications to the front using a removable or removable sticker or patch.

For study desks and seating, choose a practical one according to the size of the room. For example, a table measuring 80 cm x 50 cm can accommodate the needs of a minimalist room. Complete a table with small drawers at the top and large below to store books and school supplies.

Seated chairs should be lined with foam to be comfortable when occupied and not easily achy. If possible, add a small shelf above the study table to put books or children's light readings. Or it could be by attaching elbow nails on the wall to replace the table shelf.

Next mini dressing table (if any). To emphasize, modification of the table according to the theme of the room then combine it with elegant knick-knacks to add a cheerful impression. Complete a table with a small drawer that is useful for storing hair accessories, toys or children's favorite items.

Last but not least is free space (free space) to play. The location is usually on the floor of the room next to or in front of the bed. Place a small 120 cm x 100 cm rug as a seat so that your child and friends can do their activities freely. Complete with small pillows for a backrest or lying down.

The estimated cost of a girl's room decor

Here is an example of the price estimate of 1 girl room set with Hello Kitty theme.

The budget needed for wall paint is around Rp. 300,000. The paint will be denominated in pink, black and white. For the walls, all should be painted pink or pink mixed with white to make it softer, then draw the character, Hello Kitty.

For furniture, you can use colors similar to wall paint, while polishing it is enough to buy a Hello Kitty picture sticker as desired. For this design, the required budget ranges from Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000.

For bedding sets consisting of pillows, sheets and blankets/bed covers can be obtained at a price range of Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 500,000 depending on the quality of the item.

Other bedroom accessories such as chairs, carpets, Hello Kitty shaped carpet pillows, wall clocks or desk clocks can range from Rp. 500,000

Another additional furniture is wooden floors. This type of floor is very warm if installed in the house and will be very comfortable for your children to play. Teak wood floors are usually sold per cm at a price of around 1.2 cm x 5 cm x 17 cm = Rp 175,000 / m2 to 1.2 cm x 5cm x 20 cm = Rp. 195,000 / m2.

While for additional wardrobe furniture, you might be able to get around using the old one with a little refinement to make it look new and good. Politur prices at building shops are usually around IDR 50,000.

Although it can design itself, for better results while budget efficiency will be better if you consult with experts.

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4 Tips for Designing a Wall Gallery with Frames, Appearing Space

Making a gallery on the wall that contains a collection of photos or other artwork is a dream of most people.

4 Tips for Designing a Wall Gallery with Frames, Appearing Space

In this way, the living room becomes more memorable.

To make it, you must have careful planning.

If not, the expected final results cannot be changed only the results of the original paste and are rejected.

If you don't want to install, try to follow the tips on displaying photos on this wall.

1. Plan the gallery wall

First of all, you have to make the shape you want to display on the wall.

First, recognize the wall that requires an increase in style.

You can choose candidates who want to be transformed by the gallery by searching for the most and empty.

You can also look for space in the house that looks impressed like a wall in the stair area.

Another wall that can be processed and opened is the wall area that was first seen when first entering the room or opposite the door.

2. Determine the desired style

Look around the room, is it a black and white picture that matches the room and blends with existing decorations and decorations?

Or conversely, a collection of photos and colorful artwork that is suitable and united?

You must be able to consider according to your space requirements.

3. Estimate how much space is processed

Invite you to have and need one full wall or not.

This amount is largely determined by the number of frames or objects to be displayed.

4. Choose the collection that will be on display

After determining the wall and room, decide that you decide what you want to hang.

There are two considerations that can be your consideration.

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3 Visionary Building Concepts

3 Visionary Building Concepts

3 Visionary Building Concepts - Designing an exterior design for an institution's building is not an easy job. In contrast to designing a home exterior that only involves ideas from homeowners, designing the exterior of the building needs to consider the philosophical values ​​of the institution. The bad image of the institution can also be influenced by the exterior design of the building.

But this is not a problem for PT DAA INTERPLAN INDONESIA, one of the famous architects from Bandung who has experience in designing the exterior of various private and institutional buildings. Starting from hotels, government buildings, to hospitals, all have been done by them with satisfying results.

Here are some of the masterpiece exterior designs from PT DAA INTERPLAN INDONESIA.

The exterior of Amarosso Hotel from the Corner of the Road

The exterior of the Amarosso Hotel looks dashing thanks to the touch of PT DAA INTERPLAN INDONESIA. Not only that, but each corner also has its own functional value. Starting from the entrance of the car that is made wide, this certainly facilitates the flow of vehicles, so that the car can freely enter and exit the hotel, and does not cause traffic jams in front of it. Do not forget to include a tree at several angles to sweeten the view.

Room windows are left protruding at one of the exterior corners. Not accidentally, design ideas like this have various functions that benefit various parties. For customers who stay at the Amarosso Hotel, an open window like this is very desirable. Because through that window, customers can enjoy views of the city from a height. The higher the room, the more beautiful the scenery, the price per room can be adjusted to the views presented in each room.

Meanwhile, for hotel owners, the full exterior appearance of this room window makes it easier for other people to identify that the building is a hotel. This charming exterior appearance also makes anyone who passes by feel amazed and there is a keiginan to spend the night there while enjoying a beautiful view from a height.

Garden exterior at Amarosso Hotel

After entering the hotel area and stepping to the back, customers will get a cool eye. Because the exterior design of the park in this hotel is made green and cool, in addition to the large swimming pool that can make anyone comfortable spending time here.

Some trees and grass are arranged artistically so that they are comfortable to look at, the design of the swimming pool is made simple, but it can fulfill the customer's desire to just play water in it. Thus, any heat from the sun will be forgotten by the cool garden at this Amarosso Hotel.

The exterior of Gedung Bumi Putera

At first glance, the exterior design of the Bumi Putera building has an impression of calm and relief. Cool because there are lots of plants in it, and it's relieved because of the large outdoor area. Vehicles can freely pass in front of him without worrying about running out of parking space. The building itself only has 3 levels, not too high, so it does not make visitors feel reluctant to enter it.

The selection of turquoise in the glass window also helps make this building feel cool and comfortable to see. In addition to the large windows that dominate the front facade of the Bumi Putera building, there are also many windows on the side of the building. This shows the openness that the institution has.

The exterior of the PLN Building Maumere

Especially, in the slanted corner, the translucent clear glass is placed in a charming manner. Clear glass can be said to be a representation of an institution that is always transparent to its people. The building is not too tall but still looks dashing and elegant. Do not forget to plant several trees and plants at several angles, as well as a wide street area, making the exterior of the PLN building perfect and comfortable to visit.

5 Smart Ways to Build a Home Growing

5 Smart Ways to Build a Home Growing

5 Smart Ways to Build a Home Growing - The term home grew later introduced by residential developers and usually included in the home promotion brochure they offer. Building a house to grow can be interpreted as a process of building a house that is carried out in stages. The available land is not built entirely, but is left and will be built later on according to the needs of the homeowner, either periodically or at any time when needed.

In the current economic situation, building a growing house is seen as an effective solution to having a dwelling according to the minimum wants and budget, because the development process can be continued later if the homeowner has enough funds or, adds home facilities or increases the number of residents.

Does this mean the house will look like an unfinished building? Not really. In this review, homify will discuss tips on building a house that is not only in accordance with the needs, the availability of funds but also according to the principles of building aesthetics.

1. Determine the concept of the house grow according to the land area

When you are already building a house, the homeowner should decide which direction the house will be built. Is it upstairs (multilevel house) or sideways? If the land to build a house is not too large, the choice of adding one or two floors up is the most likely thing to do. While the development of houses in a vertical direction can be done if the available land is large enough (for example more than 90 square meters). However, it should be noted also that home development will not change existing conditions, such as parks, terraces or other open spaces. Renovation or home development should also not force homeowners to change other elements such as lighting systems and home ventilation. Changing these small elements will not only increase expenses but also the time of home development.

2. Planning for floor plans, foundations, and home waterways

After knowing the orientation of the house to grow, the idea should be realized in the form of a plan. The plan of the house should be designed with the orientation of adding space without much changing the initial plan because the plan will also become a reference for the management of Building Permit (IMB). The IMB must be owned by the homeowner before carrying out the construction, even for the renovation of the house on his own land, a new IMB needs to be made. In the IMB of the house, the planned size of the house can be included, so that it does not make it difficult for homeowners in the next stage of development.

The priority scale will also be a guideline in building a growing home foundation, both for developing houses horizontally and vertically. If the construction of a growing house is oriented to the side or horizontally, the reinforcement of the structure should be directed outwards so as to facilitate the structure to be connected at the stage of development in the future. Whereas if the house grows it will be developed upward or vertically, the foundation and column should be made to be able to withstand the burden of the two-story building (or more). In this way, homeowners can save on the cost of injecting concrete normally done to strengthen the structure of the initial building.

Another thing that also needs to be considered is that the volume of wastewater will increase as the number of rooms increases. The addition of a bathroom, kitchen, or roof area will make the volume of dirty water and rainwater increase. If you have already planned to build a house to grow, you should install a dirty water pipe installed under the house using a large or decent sized pipe to accommodate a large amount of dirty water from a house that has been planned from the beginning.

3. Matters that need to be considered when compiling a house budget plan (budget plan) to grow

Planning costs for building a house is very important. For the effectiveness of funds issued by homeowners, you should pay attention to the following when compiling the RAB:

1. Selection of building materials

The building materials chosen should be durable and weather resistant. Maybe the price will be a little more expensive. However, it should also be thought that low-quality building materials will require large maintenance costs, especially after a period of several years, so that more costs and energy are wasted. For roof truss, for example, it is recommended to use a steel roof truss. It can also create a rustic feel by setting up exposed brick walls without being cemented and painted.

2. Calculating inflation

Unlike conventional house construction, building a growing house is carried out in a fairly long period of time. It can be in months or even years. While on the other hand each year the price of building materials is certain to rise. The RAB that has been designed this year is very likely to be no longer relevant as a reference for development in the next 1-2 years. The way to outsmart it is to add a plan of costs of 5 to 10% a year, both for the costs of building materials and labor costs.

3. Professional assistance

Planning the cost of building a house to grow can be a complicated affair for homeowners. It is common for professionals in the field of construction or architectural services to provide services to compile RAB. Not infrequently this service is offered a free one package with home design services.

4. Maximizing the use of materials

Although there were suggestions to avoid the loading and unloading in growing houses, this suggestion seems to be a little difficult to implement. The process of dismantling and rebuilding walls is often unavoidable. But we can try to use the chunk material for other purposes. For example sills and doors or windows, floors, wooden beams, etc.

4. So that the house grows does not look like an unfinished house

Even though a house grows which means a house that has not been fully finished, there are several ways that can be applied so that the house looks aesthetically perfect. Some of the ways we propose are:

1. Make a roof terrace

The part of the house that is currently in the form of a terrace can be developed into a living room. By building a roof for the terrace, in the future, it will be easier to add walls and windows so that the function of the terrace becomes a living room. In this case, we can adapt the concept of conservatory development in European-style homes.

2. Build a high-ceilinged house

Do you want to have a two-story house, but you don't have enough funds? Build a high-ceilinged house. In this article about the extension of the house, there are several ideas for adding space in the house that can be done gradually, in line with the concept of a growing house.

3. Industrial style

Industrial style is identical to finishing all gray which, besides being produced from painting, can also be obtained by plastering the wall with cement and smoothing it without being painted. This style is also synonymous with the use of metal elements such as steel and iron in interior design. For example, we choose a lightweight steel roof truss as a roof support structure, this can be an added value in terms of aesthetics. The roof ceiling can be installed later at the next stage of development.

4. Open space

The open space interior concept can be applied to the finishing of the initial stages of growing a house. In the next stage, available open space can be developed into another room if needed. If you are not comfortable with a living room that is too open and worried about losing privacy, the living room and dining room can be separated from bookshelves, partitions, bamboo insulation, etc.

5. Determine priorities

Considering that the process of developing a house will not be completed immediately, the homeowner needs to determine what rooms need to be built in the initial stages. We recommend that homeowners focus on their main needs so that the first room to be built is a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. This advice is given with the consideration that the bedroom will be needed to rest and do other personal activities, the bathroom is very important for cleaning up, and the kitchen is a place to prepare food daily. We do need a family room or living room as a room for socializing. But for a while, that function can be replaced by the kitchen.

10 Design of Ceramics for Bathrooms that Must Be Imitated

10 Design of Ceramics for Bathrooms that Must Be Imitated

10 Design of Ceramics for Bathrooms that Must Be Imitated - At present, the existence of bathrooms is an important place. Not just cleaning the body, but also relaxing. If you are thinking of giving a new feel to your toilet, then the best advice for homify is to fix your bathroom tiles/ceramics. Choose a design that suits your personality, but is easy to clean. Here are 10 beautiful and inspiring ceramic designs for you.

1. Different patterns on floors and walls

Choosing different tiles on the floor and walls is not a strange thing and, for example, pattern combinations in the bathroom above. The white combination that gives the impression of being clean and black and white tiles gives a unique impression on this minimalist bathroom.

2. White brick-shaped tiles

This small room decor looks well planned. A little ingenuity is needed to maximize every centimeter of the bathroom, even though it looks magnificent. Sometimes, less is more!

3. Uniformity in tone

The search for the contrast between tiles doesn't have to be our main goal. Sometimes, coloring a bath with one tonality causes results as attractive as this image above. On this occasion, small box-shaped tiles, known as sandstone, have been used in color on a brown and orange scale, to cover the entire wall. A warm room with beautiful textured walls.

4. Granite

Of course, you have wondered where you have seen this kind of tile before. Granite, even though over the past decade we have seen it more often in the kitchen, cool mosaics also decorate your bathroom.

5. White marble-patterned bathroom tiles

One of the big advantages of tiles is that they can be combined in one and a thousand different ways. The boundary marks your personal taste and the character you want to give to your bathroom.

6. A flower garden on the wall

Granite mosaics are indeed good, but the combination on the side looks like a contemporary painting, right? With the same charm as traditional tiles, the new trend in ceramics and porcelain retains a bright texture that brings a soft touch to this flower-patterned bathroom.

7. Teal

Teal and white are amazing combinations. The classic pattern of matching colors gives the impression of classic and luxury.

8. Mark each area by function

The smart way to distribute tiles in the bathroom is to install different tiles depending on the function area. For example, you could install mosaic tiles for the bath, large and uniform tiles for the floor, and geometric avant-garde prints for the sink. The vagueness of the line provokes stunning visual effects!

9. Children's bathroom

This bathroom also plays several different white tones, in the whole space. Starting from wall tiles, cabinets, sinks. A touch of different colors appears on the floor that is deliberately made to have different colors and textures.

10. Elegant combination

Black is always a bold color statement. Adding this color to the rough design of the bare tile provides a contrast that modernizes the bathroom. In this design, you will find an ideal example for combining different styles in a simple way, but still in character.

Bonus: a combination of wood and ceramics

Maybe at first, you will be skeptical of the idea, because wood elements tend to absorb water and can be moldy so it is less durable. But this assumption does not apply to high-quality wood! Of course, adequate care on a regular basis still needs to be done, but it will not be a troublesome routine activity. In addition, there are other alternatives, namely using wood patterned ceramics.

A simple combination of monochrome and wood tiles besides this concept is simple, but the combination of the two forms unique and amazing characters!

7 Tips to Save Energy Usage at Home

7 Tips to Save Energy Usage at Home

7 Tips to Save Energy Usage at Home - Climate change and the depletion of energy sources are not only a problem for the wider community, but also affect us as individuals. Everyone can actively contribute to protecting the planet we inhabit. You can too! Indonesia is one of the countries that releases a lot of CO2 every year.

How do you contribute to reducing emissions? There are some simple tricks that can be applied on the four walls (houses) of each. In this article, we have compiled some tips that you can apply in everyday life to do something for a greener planet. How to save energy that will reduce carbon footprint, both in the form of small and large activities, and can save your expenses.

1. Wash and rinse properly

Washing machines and dishwashers (diswasher) are one electronic device that consumes electricity in large capacity in your home. It's good that these two machines are used only when absolutely necessary, namely when both are full of dirty clothes and dirty dishes. Experts also recommend that the engine suit be set to wash and rinse at the same time. The latest production detergent is quite effective, so washing laundry and washing with hot water is not necessary. The use of clothes dryers must be limited, if you want to save electricity and expenditure.

You can, for example, wash clothes with a machine and dry them in the sun. For dishwashers, the assumption that washing dishes by hand saves more water turns out to be wrong. If calculated, then a dishwasher filled with dirty dishes turns out to consume less water than manually washing dishes.

2. Make sure the electronic and electrical devices are turned off

One of the easiest but important ways that can be done to save energy is to press the 'off' button on all electronic devices, from PC monitors to televisions and from light switches to washing machines. The standby mode that we often use turns out to consume a lot of electricity, as well as costs. Actually, just turning off electronic devices is not enough. Disconnect the electrical and electronic devices by pressing the 'off' button on the main strip socket. We can save electricity consumption in one easy step and reduce CO2 emissions up to 220 kg per year. Cellphone chargers, shavers and rechargeable batteries must be disconnected from the socket as often as possible.

3. Dim the lights

We also save a lot of energy related to lighting. First is to use sunlight as much as possible and limit the use of artificial light sources. Another important rule that we must remember is to turn off all unused lights and not turn on the lights if there is no one in the room. Automatic motion sensor lights are recommended for corridors and stairs. This light will turn on when there is movement / someone in the area, and die automatically when there is no movement. Speaking of the most appropriate lights, it feels nothing beats the LED lights. Although the price is more expensive than ordinary lights and energy-saving lamps, LED lights consume less energy. By saving 85 percent of energy, the savings you can save are even greater. Energy-saving lamps are indeed energy-friendly solutions, but these lamps contain mercury and must therefore be disposed of in a special landfill for hazardous waste. If possible, you should use a lamp with a dimmer function and use a lampshade to strengthen the light effect.

4. Reducing water consumption

Household water use can be reduced not only by washing and rinsing properly, but also by other means. According to research, about 100 liters of water we consume every day can be saved up to 50% in several simple ways. For example by using a toilet or shower head with a watering system that not only saves water, but also saves money. Turning off the water tap while brushing your teeth or while washing hands is a popular way to save water. In addition, all the water taps in the apartment can be replaced with automatic water taps that add air to the water and ensure less water is wasted. Water and energy can also be saved by taking a shower. The shower spends 60-80 liters of water, while bathing takes 150-200 liters of water. An effort to save expenses that is also beneficial in the long term is the application of the gray water system. This system can clean household wastewater to be used as toilet water sprinklers, water for washing, and watering plants.

5. Improve ventilation

In a four-season country like Germany, a lot of energy is wasted to turn on the room heater when the air temperature is very cold. In contrast, in Indonesia, we use large amounts of electrical energy to turn on air conditioners (AC). Especially in the intense dry season like now. In addition to washing machines, AC is a fairly greedy eater. This can be overcome by turning on the air conditioner when the day is really hot. It should also be considered to bring natural cool air into the house by improving air circulation. Ventilation holes near the roof of the roof are enough to help overcome the heat in the house. Windows and doors should be opened in the morning and evening. Avoid opening doors and windows during the hot day, because this invites heat from outside into the house.

6. Use electrical cookware wisely

In the kitchen we can save energy, which is not to use an electric stove excessively. Some electrical cookware such as tools for boiling water, tools for boiling eggs, or coffee machines use 40 percent less electricity than an electric stove.

This is why we should not use these devices too often. But try to make the boil water not filled too full, because this will make the water boilers work too hard and eat more energy. In accordance with the life cycle assessment (LCA), it is recommended to avoid using coffee and espresso machines that use aluminum bearings and tubes. This device consumes a lot of energy in the manufacturing process and causes pollution. Indeed, there are times when stove use cannot be avoided.

We can still save energy consumption when using the stove by closing the pan or pan so that the cooking boils faster and shortens the time needed for cooking, this can save energy up to approximately 30%, especially if the size of the pan or pan is adjusted to the needs.

7. Use energy-saving electronic devices

Try to pay attention to all electronic devices in our homes. From refrigerators to washing machines, and from electric stoves to televisions. Electronic devices are indeed created to facilitate our lives.

In general, anyone who uses energy saving devices and saves water can reduce spending by 50%. There is no harm in buying expensive but durable electronic devices, because we can save money to buy the same device in the future. It is highly recommended that you always pay attention to energy efficiency specifications when buying electronic devices. Choose electronic devices with specifications A + to A +++.

Interior Design With the Concept of a Charming Modern Tropical

Interior Design With the Concept of a Charming Modern Tropical

Interior Design With the Concept of a Charming Modern Tropical - Interior design with the Tropical Modern concept is currently happening and in great demand. In addition to providing extra comfort, this style is very indulgent in the eyes and relaxes with its charming decor. Now, to give you inspiration, you can see the results of our professional work, namely PT. Leeyaqat Karya Pratama, in the review below.

1. Family social space

This tropical concept is very suitable for Indonesian occupancy. Designed so that sunlight can illuminate the family room directly, a row of windows also allows owners to enjoy the outdoors and look at the garden.

For decoration, our professionals combine white with gray, black and brown. Wood shades make the room warmer and more comfortable for families to gather. What interests us is the wooden decorations that adorn the walls of the television cabinet, making the family area more stylish and having a special interior design.

2. Dry Kitchen

The dry kitchen which presents beautiful scenery is so extraordinary. In addition to adding a sense of comfort when preparing food, cooking and eating food, this room will spoil the residents and guests who come with artistic decorations. The dry kitchen room is enhanced by the presence of a large window, and also a mirror on the wall that makes the room seem more spacious.

3. Dining Area

The concept of combining this room is certainly a very interesting idea, where the dining area is adjacent to the family room. Well, if there is a family gathering or entertaining friends who come to your house, a room like this is very convenient as a gathering place. You can chat in the living room, and also eat food together at the dining table area.

4. Gym / gym area

The concept is modern minimalist, there is a natural impression of making this interior style into a design style that can be applied to every room in the house, including the gym area. With a very comfortable room, surely the owner will feel at home for long to exercise.

5. Cafe-style social space

Dark walls will certainly make the room dim and provide warmth, especially if combined with wood shades. You can get a dramatic and stylish look in your occupancy, like this design. Minimalist wooden tables and chairs, look harmonious with unique chairs and bar-style dining tables with contemporary style. Coupled with a chevron patterned wooden floor that is very eye-catching, the appearance of this cafe really looks refreshing and amazing!