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10 Design of Ceramics for Bathrooms that Must Be Imitated

10 Design of Ceramics for Bathrooms that Must Be Imitated

10 Design of Ceramics for Bathrooms that Must Be Imitated - At present, the existence of bathrooms is an important place. Not just cleaning the body, but also relaxing. If you are thinking of giving a new feel to your toilet, then the best advice for homify is to fix your bathroom tiles/ceramics. Choose a design that suits your personality, but is easy to clean. Here are 10 beautiful and inspiring ceramic designs for you.

1. Different patterns on floors and walls

Choosing different tiles on the floor and walls is not a strange thing and, for example, pattern combinations in the bathroom above. The white combination that gives the impression of being clean and black and white tiles gives a unique impression on this minimalist bathroom.

2. White brick-shaped tiles

This small room decor looks well planned. A little ingenuity is needed to maximize every centimeter of the bathroom, even though it looks magnificent. Sometimes, less is more!

3. Uniformity in tone

The search for the contrast between tiles doesn't have to be our main goal. Sometimes, coloring a bath with one tonality causes results as attractive as this image above. On this occasion, small box-shaped tiles, known as sandstone, have been used in color on a brown and orange scale, to cover the entire wall. A warm room with beautiful textured walls.

4. Granite

Of course, you have wondered where you have seen this kind of tile before. Granite, even though over the past decade we have seen it more often in the kitchen, cool mosaics also decorate your bathroom.

5. White marble-patterned bathroom tiles

One of the big advantages of tiles is that they can be combined in one and a thousand different ways. The boundary marks your personal taste and the character you want to give to your bathroom.

6. A flower garden on the wall

Granite mosaics are indeed good, but the combination on the side looks like a contemporary painting, right? With the same charm as traditional tiles, the new trend in ceramics and porcelain retains a bright texture that brings a soft touch to this flower-patterned bathroom.

7. Teal

Teal and white are amazing combinations. The classic pattern of matching colors gives the impression of classic and luxury.

8. Mark each area by function

The smart way to distribute tiles in the bathroom is to install different tiles depending on the function area. For example, you could install mosaic tiles for the bath, large and uniform tiles for the floor, and geometric avant-garde prints for the sink. The vagueness of the line provokes stunning visual effects!

9. Children's bathroom

This bathroom also plays several different white tones, in the whole space. Starting from wall tiles, cabinets, sinks. A touch of different colors appears on the floor that is deliberately made to have different colors and textures.

10. Elegant combination

Black is always a bold color statement. Adding this color to the rough design of the bare tile provides a contrast that modernizes the bathroom. In this design, you will find an ideal example for combining different styles in a simple way, but still in character.

Bonus: a combination of wood and ceramics

Maybe at first, you will be skeptical of the idea, because wood elements tend to absorb water and can be moldy so it is less durable. But this assumption does not apply to high-quality wood! Of course, adequate care on a regular basis still needs to be done, but it will not be a troublesome routine activity. In addition, there are other alternatives, namely using wood patterned ceramics.

A simple combination of monochrome and wood tiles besides this concept is simple, but the combination of the two forms unique and amazing characters!

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