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3 Visionary Building Concepts

3 Visionary Building Concepts

3 Visionary Building Concepts - Designing an exterior design for an institution's building is not an easy job. In contrast to designing a home exterior that only involves ideas from homeowners, designing the exterior of the building needs to consider the philosophical values ​​of the institution. The bad image of the institution can also be influenced by the exterior design of the building.

But this is not a problem for PT DAA INTERPLAN INDONESIA, one of the famous architects from Bandung who has experience in designing the exterior of various private and institutional buildings. Starting from hotels, government buildings, to hospitals, all have been done by them with satisfying results.

Here are some of the masterpiece exterior designs from PT DAA INTERPLAN INDONESIA.

The exterior of Amarosso Hotel from the Corner of the Road

The exterior of the Amarosso Hotel looks dashing thanks to the touch of PT DAA INTERPLAN INDONESIA. Not only that, but each corner also has its own functional value. Starting from the entrance of the car that is made wide, this certainly facilitates the flow of vehicles, so that the car can freely enter and exit the hotel, and does not cause traffic jams in front of it. Do not forget to include a tree at several angles to sweeten the view.

Room windows are left protruding at one of the exterior corners. Not accidentally, design ideas like this have various functions that benefit various parties. For customers who stay at the Amarosso Hotel, an open window like this is very desirable. Because through that window, customers can enjoy views of the city from a height. The higher the room, the more beautiful the scenery, the price per room can be adjusted to the views presented in each room.

Meanwhile, for hotel owners, the full exterior appearance of this room window makes it easier for other people to identify that the building is a hotel. This charming exterior appearance also makes anyone who passes by feel amazed and there is a keiginan to spend the night there while enjoying a beautiful view from a height.

Garden exterior at Amarosso Hotel

After entering the hotel area and stepping to the back, customers will get a cool eye. Because the exterior design of the park in this hotel is made green and cool, in addition to the large swimming pool that can make anyone comfortable spending time here.

Some trees and grass are arranged artistically so that they are comfortable to look at, the design of the swimming pool is made simple, but it can fulfill the customer's desire to just play water in it. Thus, any heat from the sun will be forgotten by the cool garden at this Amarosso Hotel.

The exterior of Gedung Bumi Putera

At first glance, the exterior design of the Bumi Putera building has an impression of calm and relief. Cool because there are lots of plants in it, and it's relieved because of the large outdoor area. Vehicles can freely pass in front of him without worrying about running out of parking space. The building itself only has 3 levels, not too high, so it does not make visitors feel reluctant to enter it.

The selection of turquoise in the glass window also helps make this building feel cool and comfortable to see. In addition to the large windows that dominate the front facade of the Bumi Putera building, there are also many windows on the side of the building. This shows the openness that the institution has.

The exterior of the PLN Building Maumere

Especially, in the slanted corner, the translucent clear glass is placed in a charming manner. Clear glass can be said to be a representation of an institution that is always transparent to its people. The building is not too tall but still looks dashing and elegant. Do not forget to plant several trees and plants at several angles, as well as a wide street area, making the exterior of the PLN building perfect and comfortable to visit.

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