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7 Perfect Ways to Arrange the Interior of an Ideal Studio Apartment

7 Perfect Ways to Arrange the Interior of an Ideal Studio Apartment - Market demand for vertical occupancy continues to grow, especially in locations close to urban centers. Not only serves as a place to live, apartments have also begun to become the lifestyle of city people. Especially nowadays more and more types and types of apartments are offered. Starting from the type of duplex or triplex apartment, 2 bedroom, 1 bedroom, to the type of studio apartment. Now, Indonesians have started to move from ordinary homes to apartments, at least in big cities.

7 Perfect Ways to Arrange the Interior of an Ideal Studio Apartment

This studio apartment is one of the types of vertical housing that is quite attractive to property actors. The price offered for this apartment is also quite affordable when compared to other types. Indeed, this type of studio has a small size, which is only equipped with one bedroom. But it is very suitable and much hunted by students, students, or office employees who are not married.

Interested in buying or investing in a studio apartment? Preferably, identify first the advantages and disadvantages, and how to organize the interior of the studio apartment to make it look spacious with a charming appearance. Come on, see the following review.

Feature of Studio Apartments

What is a studio apartment? What are the characteristics? Studio apartment is a type of apartment that only consists of one multifunctional room. This room can be used as a bedroom, living room, TV room, kitchen, and work space without a partition except the bathroom. The total area of ​​studio apartments is around 20 m² - 40 m². The apartment plan beside this can be an inspiration for a studio type apartment layout.

These studio apartments can be found in the center or suburbs that are close to campus, public offices, shopping centers, and public transportation facilities. This type of vertical occupancy is suitable for those of you who are still alone, want to live a simple, practical life. Because, in one room, you can do various things, from eating, sleeping, receiving guests, to relaxing.

Advantages offered by Studio Apartments

There are a number of advantages that a studio apartment has to offer you, what are you? Come on, see the discussion below.

1. Affordable prices

When compared to other types of vertical housing, studio apartments offer relatively affordable prices. Rental rates for studio apartments can be up to 30 percent cheaper compared to 2-bedroom apartment units.

2. Cheaper maintenance costs

Generally, the cost of maintenance or maintenance of apartment units is determined based on the area of ​​occupancy. As the smallest type of unit, the cost of maintenance or maintenance of studio apartment units will be cheaper compared to the maintenance of 2 or 3 bedroom units. Certainly more economical, right?

3. Summarizing activities in the apartment

If you are the type of person who wants to live a practical life, then studio apartments are the right choice. Because, this type only has one functional room for many needs, ranging from sleeping, watching television, cooking, to receiving guests. Of course your activities in the room will be easier, faster and more practical.

4. The apartment is easy to clean

With a size that is not too wide, then you will have no trouble cleaning the apartment. You only need 15-20 minutes to sweep, mop, and clean the dust in this room no more than 40 m². Very practical, right?

5. Save decoration costs

Not only easy to clean, with a small size, studio apartments are also easily decorated at an affordable cost. You will also be easy in managing the interior of the room because it does not require wall decorations or wallpaper in large quantities.

Weaknesses of Studio Apartments

Although fairly cheap and effective, there are some disadvantages of studio apartments that you need to consider, namely as follows.

1. Your space is limited

Given the size of a studio apartment that only consists of one room, then your space will be relatively limited, especially if you are accustomed to living in conventional housing. Because, in a studio apartment, you will do various activities in one room.

2. Tends to be bored

If you are accustomed to doing activities in a large area, then staying in a studio apartment might feel cramped and boring. Why? because you have to do almost all activities in one room, so your visibility will be limited.

3. It's hard to keep pets

Limited space will make it difficult for you to raise pets. Because of course you need special space for a pet place, right? Especially in high-rise apartments.

4. Difficulties When Receiving Guests

Because the size of the area is limited, it will be a little difficult to accept too many friends or guests in the apartment. This studio type apartment will be difficult to be used as a gathering place for friends.

The deficiencies above are the reasons why architect services are important to design the design of your studio apartment, which is to maximize the function of a limited space while maximizing the aesthetic aspect of course. It is important that the dimensions that have been limited do not feel narrower.

tips and tricks for arranging the interior of a studio apartment

Despite having limited dimensions, studio apartments can still have a charming appearance. You just need to arrange the interior of the room properly so that the appearance of the studio apartment looks more spacious and relieved. How to? Come on, see below.

1. Choose bright and bright colors

To create a broad and relieved impression on the room, you should choose a bright interior color. Because, the color combination will affect the illusion of the eye that looks at it, so it seems 'away' so that the room looks bigger. For example, choose white for walls and light brown for furniture.

2. Avoid using curtains that are too thick

Another way to make your studio apartment look more spacious, spacious and bright, make sure you don't use curtains that are too thick on the window. Install thin curtains made of linen. Because, according to research, the light that enters the room can affect your mood and productivity.

3. Use multifunctional furniture

Be sure not to put too much furniture in the studio apartment because it will make the room narrower and more crowded. How to work around this is by choosing multifunctional furniture. For example, make a special bed that utilizes the space below for the drawer to store clothes. You can also use the space under the table as a storage area for goods.

Also maximize every space in your residence. For example, using walls to make bookshelves and displays, install televisions, and others. Also make sure you choose furniture with material that is simple, light, reflects light, or translucent. For example, HPL (high pressure laminate), glass, or aluminum material.

4. Take advantage of the mirror

Another trick for your tiny apartment to look more spacious and spacious is to place a mirror in the room. The bigger the mirror, the greater the illusion of space that will be obtained. In addition to making it look bigger, the mirror also makes your studio apartment look brighter.

5. Clarify the flow of the room

Because this studio type apartment only consists of one room and combines the living room, family room and bedroom, you need to make a clear groove in the room. For example by placing a carpet in front of the TV room, and so on.

6. Choose furniture according to the size of the room

Because of its limited area, avoid placing a sofa for 3 people. preferably, choose a medium or small sofa that is not stuffy. Also make sure to adjust the color of the furniture to the color of the wall and all the interior design concepts of your studio apartment. Not only that, make sure not to over-decorate the studio apartment because it will only make the room narrower.

7. Make sure the room remains neat, clean and orderly

To increase the comfort in a studio apartment, you must ensure that the room is clean and tidy. Restore items that have been used to their original place. This is to avoid scattered items. Make sure you clean the room regularly.

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