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7 Simple Minimalist Facade Design Ideas

7 Simple Minimalist Facade Design Ideas

7 Simple Minimalist Facade Design Ideas - Facades are the outside or exterior of a building. The appearance of the facade is important to note, because this is the first side to be seen. The design of a simple minimalist facade lately is often an option, because in addition to being sweet and economical, the minimalist facade is not too flashy or attracts the attention of passersby.

In order to make a simple, pleasing and pleasing minimalist facade design, we recommend that you consult with homify professional architects who are reliable and experienced in making exterior designs. Guaranteed results are satisfactory and in line with expectations.

To provoke your inspiration, here we present some minimalist facade design ideas. These various inspirations are so simple that you can apply them in your own home. Let's start!

1. Minimalist and multifunctional facade

This one facade design is very minimalist by utilizing the front of the house for a carport with a simple canopy. Then on the side of the carport there is a small park with a front view of the house only in the form of large walls and windows, to maximize the incoming light. The top of the house is only a short roof that is enough to protect the contents of the house. Overall, the facade of this house looks very minimalist, but still elegantly seen.

2. The facade is simple but charming

Who says minimalism can't look attractive? Try to look at this one facade, the combination of colors and shapes is very simple, but can produce a charming exterior. This facade is only dominated by gray and a little touch of red line. The shape also only combines boxes and triangles for one of the top of the house. Do not forget to attach a large window at several angles to accommodate the incoming light. The result is simple but beautiful!

3. Simple wooden facade

Facades with a minimalist design can be made beautiful by using special materials, different from others, such as the facade of this house. The shape is simple, overall shaped in a box, by placing windows in many angles, which is special is the selection of wood ornaments to coat the front facade of this house so that it has a unique texture.

4. Checkered facade

This one facade is even simpler, only combining one box shape with various sizes, tones and textures. A suspected sign, the simple concept is the result is amazing. Coupled with the same color choices with different color tones, giving the impression of a minimalist but elegant.

5. Exposed brick facade

Again, the facade with a charming blend of material. The shape is simple, with the top flat. What is special is the exposed bricks on the walls, and the placement of windows and doors that are similar. Do you want to try?

6. Minimalist plain facade

Unlike the other facades, the front display of this house looks innocent. With the shape of a house with a triangular roof like houses in general, white is the dominant color here. Interestingly, on the right side there is an empty area that juts inward, given a trellis like bars. This area is the place for the entry of air and light from outside. This plain facade is also sweetened with several vines in the canopy, as well as small trees in the garden. Unique texture is actually added from the fence, proof that the character does not have to always be placed on the facade itself.

7. White facade with a unique look

Who says one color is boring? This one facade actually looks elegant even though it is arranged in super minimalist shapes and colors. There is only one form, a box, starting from the shape of a building, a canopy, to a window, all boxes. Coupled with short plants and one small tree, this facade is not just minimalist, but also elegant and beautiful.

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