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9 Color Trend Predictions in 2019

9 Color Trend Predictions in 2019

9 Color Trend Predictions in 2019 - Just counting days, 2018 will soon pass and be replaced by a new year, 2019. In the new year, of course you need new enthusiasm, new resolutions, and a more refreshing new look. No exception to the appearance of your home. To start the year, there is nothing wrong if you want to redesign the appearance of the house, both interior and exterior, to make it look fresher and 'new'.

However, before redesigning the house, make sure you know and adjust it to the latest trends, namely color trends in 2019. This is of course so that you have the look and concept of the latest home design, 'up to date' and not outdated.

In the upcoming 2019, colors that are predicted to become a trend that is more emphasized on lifestyle-based to develop new nuances. Some paint brands have released colors for 2019, some of which are Benjamin Moore, PPG Paints, and Sherwin Williams.

What color will be the trend in 2019? Let's look at the following review.

1. Almost White

The next color predicted to 'go up' in 2019 are all white pallets. Because, there is nothing more classic than a white palette, right? You can implement a blend of white and misty blue in the interior of your home. This blend of colors will give a subtle, soothing feel, and will certainly make your home look more refreshing.

2. Misty Blue

In the upcoming 2019, this misty blue color is predicted to become a trend and give a new feel to the interior of your home. Misty blue is a blue color with mist that has a soothing blend of gray.

You can make this misty blue color as one of inspiration for the interior color of the house in 2019. For example, by applying this calm color to the interior of your bedroom. Of course it is perfect for those of you who want a calm atmosphere while resting.

3. Terrarium moss

Next, the color that you can choose to refresh the appearance of occupancy in 2019 is the terrarium moss color. Pantone chooses terrarium moss colors as one of the colors that will be in 2019. This color can be applied to walls, front doors, even ceilings

This color that has a vibrant and fresh and soothing feel can be combined with color-neutral, especially white.

4. Jester Red

Red or bold red colors are also predicted to be one of the pantone color trends in 2019. You can apply this brave color to the interior to give a 'strong' impression and as the focal point of your home. Not only that, this color also gives the impression of elegance, luxury and charming, right?

5. Dusty Blushes

Pink pastel color is one of the colors that is predicted to become a trend in 2019. This dusty blush color reflects softness and feminine, perfect for those of you who want a sweet look on the interior of the house.

Soft pink color is also suitable to be applied to the cabinet in your kitchen. This color is harmoniously combined with gray and white on the kitchen wall. That way, the look of your kitchen looks more sweet and pleasant.

6. Turmeric or turmeric yellow

Turmeric will also enliven the color trends in 2019. These super bright colors can give a warm impression to the house and of course this color is not timeless. Because it's very vibrant, you can apply enough turmeric colors to one side of the room.

7. Purple

If ultraviolet purple is a color trend in 2018, it will also apply to purple in 2019. You can apply this color to your bedroom to create an optimistic and confident feel. Mix and match the color of wall paint with the color of furniture to make it look harmonious with a charming appearance.

8. Bold and monochrome colors

In 2019, colors are predicted to emerge that contain optimism requirements, such as yellow, bold and orange. This color matches paired with blue, beige and pink. You can apply it to the interior of the living room or family room.

9. Toffee

Toffee is still one of the colors that will be trending in 2019. These calm colors will give a soothing and soft feel to the interior of the room, especially derivatives with a matte texture. Want to try applying it in your home?

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