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Interior Design With the Concept of a Charming Modern Tropical

Interior Design With the Concept of a Charming Modern Tropical

Interior Design With the Concept of a Charming Modern Tropical - Interior design with the Tropical Modern concept is currently happening and in great demand. In addition to providing extra comfort, this style is very indulgent in the eyes and relaxes with its charming decor. Now, to give you inspiration, you can see the results of our professional work, namely PT. Leeyaqat Karya Pratama, in the review below.

1. Family social space

This tropical concept is very suitable for Indonesian occupancy. Designed so that sunlight can illuminate the family room directly, a row of windows also allows owners to enjoy the outdoors and look at the garden.

For decoration, our professionals combine white with gray, black and brown. Wood shades make the room warmer and more comfortable for families to gather. What interests us is the wooden decorations that adorn the walls of the television cabinet, making the family area more stylish and having a special interior design.

2. Dry Kitchen

The dry kitchen which presents beautiful scenery is so extraordinary. In addition to adding a sense of comfort when preparing food, cooking and eating food, this room will spoil the residents and guests who come with artistic decorations. The dry kitchen room is enhanced by the presence of a large window, and also a mirror on the wall that makes the room seem more spacious.

3. Dining Area

The concept of combining this room is certainly a very interesting idea, where the dining area is adjacent to the family room. Well, if there is a family gathering or entertaining friends who come to your house, a room like this is very convenient as a gathering place. You can chat in the living room, and also eat food together at the dining table area.

4. Gym / gym area

The concept is modern minimalist, there is a natural impression of making this interior style into a design style that can be applied to every room in the house, including the gym area. With a very comfortable room, surely the owner will feel at home for long to exercise.

5. Cafe-style social space

Dark walls will certainly make the room dim and provide warmth, especially if combined with wood shades. You can get a dramatic and stylish look in your occupancy, like this design. Minimalist wooden tables and chairs, look harmonious with unique chairs and bar-style dining tables with contemporary style. Coupled with a chevron patterned wooden floor that is very eye-catching, the appearance of this cafe really looks refreshing and amazing!

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